Tuesday, May 13, 2008

avideogameplayer and The Hallway

Well, here I was. Posting in the Hallway. The posters there weren't complete d*cks. You always get the 'newbie' vibe from others when you just pop in. Made some friends. (Quazar Binks, SephirothZero, Bilbo, Leilani, and anyone I may have forgotten.) Except for lotrwarrior (f*ck you, b*tch!).

But overall, there was lulz and fun times to be had.

Hell, I even started a 'tradition'. Whenever a new poster pops up, I end up 'smacking' them around. Being around for so long I could tell who was new. Or they be stupid enough and create a 'Hi! I'm new here!' topic. Something like that SCREAMS: 'Hey, look at me! I'm nothing but a f*cking attention whore...'.

At first, I hit them with a wooden baseball bat, then a metal one, then a flaming 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire. Hell, I even stole the sonic screwdriver thing from Dr. Who. Lol.

Of course, no real harm came to anyone. But the posters would crying like little b*tches that they are.


Think about the hazings they used to do in college at all those frats. That's all it basically is. If you can take it, you're cool, if not, *flips the finger*. GTFO, B*TCH!

Well, anyway, I stuck around for awhile(I'm still there...lol...), and I sorta became this 'cult' figure. Don't know why. But it happened. It kinda makes me spooked. I just want to post like everyone else. That's all. I do appreciate the sentiment though.

Or maybe I'm being a BIG F*CKING EGOTIST. *shrugs*. Who knows?

Anyway, that's the condensed version of my history on GF.

At this point, I don't know which way I wanna take this blog...maybe I will just improvise...


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