Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chaos on the Boards...

Well, while lurking around the various boards on GF, looking for some sort of interesting topics, I recently read that someone had hacked a Moderator's account and started to do some damage, like zapping several different sticky topics(Stickies are made on several boards mainly if there's is important info pertaining to different things. They are mainly on the gaming boards, but they're also on some of the other boards.) suspending various users...

It seemed like this Mod account was long dormant account that everyone forgot. LOL! And these guys are supposed to be 'professional'.

To understand about Moderators, let me explain what one is...

Moderators are volunteers supposed to maintain law and order on the boards and supply helpful info whenever they can.

Mods have several perks such as: posting in closed topics, going on all the boards, zapping any topic/post they think is 'bad', even though it's not against the rules. They call the last part: 'Moderator's discretion'.

That last part is my personal fave...

There's like at least 50,000(give or take a few thou.) users to the site. Most of them use the various message boards.

In order to keep order, the creator of the site, CjayC (aka Jeff Veasey), implemented a type of snitching system to the boards.

For example: if I posted something that was against the rules, someone could mark my message anonomously.

That message would go to a queue where a Mod would look at it and see if whether or not it's a violation. If it's a violation, my message would be deleted and I would get punished for it.

But the good news is, I get 3 chances to argue that it wasn't. On the chance that I can prove that what I posted wasn't a violation, the message gets reposted. If I fail, I have to go up further up the chain of command, up to the Admin. I also have the option of accepting that it was a violation, and it goes on my record. My record does get cleared up after a set of time.

I hope I explained it to you folks.

And personally, most of the times, I get zapped is when I end up not keeping my big mouth shut.


I usually accept my 'punishment' because:

- 9 time out of 10, it's usually right. The tenth time isn't usually worth fighting over.

- And most of the time, the punishment is basically a slap on the wrist.(avgp is a good boy. :-P)

But sometimes some users get nailed for more than one violation at a time. And these babies stack. The Mods don't use a blanket punishment, they just let the sh*t pile on.

It happened to me once, and believe me, it's not exactly fun. It's more of a major annoyance than anything else.

Either way, I don't lose sleep over it or whine about it(much...).

But anyway, from what I heard, the Admin staff are working to fix it...

I would say good luck,'s not my problem(unless I end up getting screwed by it...).

Later, peoples...


Patient Attendant said...

Tsk. You are so, so wrong about so, so much.

avideogameplayer said...

I was only posting what I read off the boards.

Whether it was right or wrong doesn't matter to me. I don't access to any of the behind the scenes.

As long as it didn't affect my account so I really didn't care...

All this 'episode' did was give me a good blog post.

Patient Attendant said...

Fair enough, but if you will permit me to set some of this straight: There wasn't any "chaos" to speak of. For example, did you know that the culprit didn't have an active post on the forums for more than one minute before it was removed? Most of his offensive comments were taken out in less than 20 seconds.

He was absolutely pwned at every turn. Every suspension was not only overturned, but purged from the system before 90% of the affected users even knew that they'd been modded. The ones that were online at the time had to wait about 4-5 hours before being restored. Every sticky he deleted was easily restored simply by overturning the moderations. All-in-all, it was a spectacular waste of time, nothing more.

BTW, Garibaldi's account was never "forgotten", and how this reflects on the "professionalism" of a bunch of part-time volunteers, I don't understand. That seems like a cheap shot to me.

avideogameplayer said...

Ok. Fair enough. But you know how there can be drama on the boards over the slightest thing sometimes.

And my 'cheap' shot was meant as a tongue-in-cheek joke. If some people want to take it however they want to, so be it. I'm not gonna retract or delete the post. It's my blog and I'm not gonna go apologizing over every little thing that someone might find 'offensive'.

What's that saying about controversey sells?

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