Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gotta love them...

Saturdays are always fun...lotsa drunks and wannabe drunks trying to get beer...

'Look, I don't care how many blowjobs you and your 12 year old little sis promise, I'm STILL not selling you beer. Now GTFO!'


A quiet night in the Hallway. When it's usually quiet, I check out the other boards...

The one I usually peek in on is the Pro Wrestling Board. You can usually find a few topics of interest. Some funny, some that makes you wondering 'What the f*ck was he smoking when he wrote that?'.

I really don't think there's any females that post there. How this relates to anything...::shrugs::

It mainly consists of trolls, wannabe wrestling Einsteins who think they know every little bit about the biz, and the occasional circlejerk group who praises/hate the 'latest' guy.

At the moment, their target is John Cena. There's various topics about him. Whether they like him or not, the point remains...


Or another one: HHH.

'OH NOES! HE HAS BACKSTAGE POWERZ!1!1!eoeoeoe cause he's f*cking the boss' kid'

You guys don't know WHAT goes on behind backstage, so STFU! As far as I know, VINCE is still running the company. Not HHH and certainly not the PWB!

You guys should turn off the tv and get outside.

F*cking losers...

I don't know if these bozos will even read this, but if they do...they can join the:

avideogameplayer's KISS MY ASS club!

File this under: 'What the f*ck was he smoking?'

True story.

Well, I was waiting on a customer when I see this punk...whatever...try and walk out with a case of beer. I yell at him to stop. He freezes for a second and decides to rabbit.

I ran from my register and start chasing after his sorry ass. We got this little vestibule leading in and out of the store. So this *sshole trips over his on sneakers and drops the case of beer. So he quickly picks it up and tries to make it for the door.

What he didn't realize was that, 2 of my managers were out front smoking. They hear me yell, they turn around and see punk ass.

Punk ass, not ONLY drops the case of beer, he loses one of his sneakers in the process.

From the looks for it, it was one of those $75 pair of nikes.

I wonder what he will tell people when he's just walking around with only one sneaker...


F*cking moron...

Well, until next time...


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