Monday, May 26, 2008

Hey, mister, how much for the energy drink?

Almost forgot this one...

It's about 6:30 in the morning. These two kids (about 13-14) walk into my line. The one kid puts down a energy drink and pulls out two bucks and says: 'I'M GONNA OWE YA 4 CENTS.' as I'm ringing this up.

I hit the 'total' button and it rings up: '$2.04'.

Ok..I stand there for a minute waiting for the 4 cents to show up. Oh, gee, not even your buddy is gonna hook ya up for the 4 cents?

If it wasn't for the 'I'M GONNA OWE YA' bit, I would've let you guys slide. 4 cents isn't gonna kill me either way.

But you got this attitude like the whole owes you a F*CKING living?

No, buddy, F*CK YOU!

I delete the drink off my register and move the drink aside.

And these kiddies walk out with cursing underneath their breath.

Lesson for today: The world does owe you, but it's not what you think...


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