Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random rant...

Wanna know something?

*looks both ways to see if there's anyone around*


I watch T.V. and wonder WTF is going on with people? Can someone PUH-LEAZE explain the following:

- we got children starving on the streets when we're supposed to be the richest country in the world?

- why we don't make these illegal aliens we keep hearing about on t.v., serve the military and ship them to the Middle East. If they want citizenship, let's see how they feel when they fight for the country they're trying to rip off?

- why don't insist on accountability to our elected leaders?

- why don't we get pissed off when we heard that the oil companies are jacking the consumer and we're LETTING them keep the profits?

- why are we letting corporate 'America' keep on playing us for suckers? We don't say sh*t when they ship jobs to some overseas place cause they don't want to pay for workers?

- there's no protesting going about things going on?

- our kids know who won American Idol last year, but can't add 1+1 or read past 3rd grade level?

- we let religion to continue to have tax-exempt status especially when we have a deficit that's going to be around for the next 300 years?

- why we let our 'leaders' vote themselves payraises whenever they want, but drag their feet when it comes to raising the minimum raise?

- why people are still paying into Social Security when there's no guarantee it's going be there when they need it? Can you say 'Ponzi' scheme?

- why we let t.v. tell us what to think?

- how come we're letting some 70 some year old guy run for pres?

- we wonder why some kids of this generation are nothing but attention whores?


I needed that...sorry...I just needed to go off about some things...hope you enjoyed the trip...

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