Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tired as a m*therf*cker...

Hey peoples, over at BK, typing this. I had like only two hours of sleep, but I'm expecting a phone call from a friend, so I decided to come over here at do some putzing around. Was lazy today when doing my laundry. Just threw everything in one of those big washers and washed everything in cold.

Came home and took a nap for a couple of hours. Woke up and dragged my ass here. In the background, there's this lady taking to these little rugrats about god and jesus.

Almost choked on my double cheeseburger.

I'm not exactly the religious type.

'Oh sure, I will starting reading a book about some guy who claims he was brought to earth to save us of our sins...'

Why don't I start worshipping some cockroaches? Oooohhhhh...or better still, I see a rock on the ground...

Sarcasm aside, I'm not too crazy about organized religion. Why should I put my 'faith' into a book that was mainly aimed for another group of people?

That's the trouble with this whole faith thing. Nowadays, there's more religions than you can shake a stick at. Hell, you could even count Tom Cruise's Sciencrap thing if it wasn't for the fact it's a well disguised money scam.

I mean really, how can you put your trust in any type of religion. But there's the rub, everyone says that theirs is the 'correct' path to salvation.

Or better still, 'It's doesn't matter, as long as you believe.'

Believe what? I can just imagine showing up at the gates of heaven in front of st. peter.

peter: 'let's see...'*looks at a big book*'oooh...I'm sorry, you're a polymorphic mormonic atheist.'

me: 'So?'

peter: 'Well, the true faith is [whatever]...'

me: 'That's f*cked up. I had faith...'

peter: 'You keep believing that'

*peter snaps his fingers and I end up in hell*

See what I mean? How can you put trust in any type of faith if there's no guarantee it's the right one? It's not like anyone who died came back to tell us anything.

It's all so screwed up.

It's days like this, those guys at Area 51 might be onto something...or are they?

*X-Files theme plays*


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