Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well, didn't have anytime to update yesterday. It was one of my days off and I basically did two things: laundry and sleep.

Laundry is soooo much fun. It's not so much doing it. It doesn't take a Einstein to do it. But it's just dragging my stuff to the laundrymat and back again. It's so exciting to watch your clothes go round and round...real exciting...

But I digress...

On the GF front, my blog has good some positive vibes for it. In fact, a couple of my fellow posters has decided to make a couple of their own. Should I feel flattered or spooked. LOL. Anyway, I posted their links on this blog.

Maybe they will return the favor...

Well, anyway, I got things to do today. So I will post some more later.


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MKat08 said...

Hey i like reading your blogs Kat

Blast from the posting past

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