Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where are our priorities?

Really now...we got gas prices rising, homes being foreclosed, a war in the Middle East that don't look like it's gonna end, everything else is rising.

And what is Mr. And Mrs. Q Public worried about?



*taps on screen* Hello?

Why are we constantly worried about these Hollywood bozos all the time?

Do you think they're worried about us?

*buzz* Sorry, the answer is 'NO'.

Most of Jolie's kids are adopted to begin with. It's a shame she couldn't choose kids that needed a home from HERE.

What's a matter, AJ? Didn't think any American kids were needy enough? Never mind the fact that they get abused, sexually, emotionally and physically. Never mind the fact that most of these kids get shuffled around our foster care system like a pr0n tape on Frat House row. Never mind the fact that they get exploited like crazy.

But that's ok, AJ, I'm sure those American kids won't mind being hungry, raped, beaten. In fact, they should thank you for it.

Don't get me wrong, I have NO problem trying to help out those less fortunate than you, but let's take care of US first.

At least Madonna moved when she got her kids. She's not our problem anymore...

Let's see, whose next?

Aha! Oprah! She didn't adopted any kids, but she built several schools in AFRICA.

Earth to Oprah, black kids go to underfunded inner city schools, too. But I guess when it come to doing charity, it's NIMBY.

Oh, you did that BIG GIVE thing, didn't ya? I'm sure you got GREAT ratings on that...

Speaking of phonies...Paging Rod Parsley...

When I first saw you on tv, I kinda got a kick out of your revival stuff. Now all of a sudden, you turned into this game show/tv host.

And how many millions did you pour into your new 'hi-tech' tv studio? Sh*t. You wouldn't get dime one out of my ass if I knew you were spending my money that way. But you do some Sudan, Jordan or whatever African place is the current hotspot. I guess you got the Oprah NIMBY attitude, too.

Well, I can't say that's entirely want to stop tax dollars from funding Planned Parenthood. I don't know why you're worried about tax money, you don't have to pay any. And you don't have to raise the kids that no one can care for...

Since we're on the subject of religious garbage.

If you wanted to be a jew so badly, John Hagee, why don't you just convert already and be done with it?

Half of the problems the US has right now in the Middle East are because of our ties with Israel. And Israel isn't exactly mr. nice guy either. So why are we still doing this?

Oh yea, your mantra: 'god blesses those who bless Israel.'

May I remind you, it was the jews that sold jesus out to the romans?

But you don't want to tell anyone that, do you? You're too busy gathering people to kiss some jewish booty.


Let's there anyone else? Hmmmmm....nope...

Thanks for reading...


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