Thursday, June 12, 2008


Welcome back, peoples!

Well, there's nothing going on in the Hallway. But things are getting interesting on the Hellhole gaming board.

What's Hellhole, you ask? Well, way back in the day, when CjayC was setting up the gaming message boards, there was basically no topicality to them. Meaning that you could basically talk about everything on them. But when CjayC added new gaming boards, he placed that topicality rule, meaning you can only talk about the game in question.

That meant that any 'old' games message boards were fair game for anyone finding them. The term they use is 'dead' gaming board. That's because no ever went to them on. Like any game for the old C64 computer system.

Well, Hellhole is one of them. Hellhole sort of evolved into a sort 'contest advice'/social board.

For example, if I got hit with a 'flaming' mod, I could go there and ask how I should dispute it or find out it was a fair call on the Mods part.

Usually, the violations being questioned are fair and the user in question is just trying to weasel their way out of it or just whiny little b*tches.

Well, anyway, one Mod named, Burgess posted something that got zapped. The post was a borderline violation, at best, in my opinion. But anyway, it was overturned.

And now there's this big thing going on about how if Burgess wasn't a Mod, the violation wouldn't have been overturned.

Now there's this big debate on how Mods can get away with stuff that a regular user would get smacked with.

Well, the way I see it, it's not so much whether or not the post in question was a violation, it's just the fact that since a Mod was involved, there's gonna be some controversy surrounding it. Never mind the fact that it might have been a mistake. It's just the perception that Mods are power tripping and are above the rules.

Well, there's probably a few within the ranks that are *ssholes. And it's a shame, though. It's these bozos that f*ck up things for the ones who honestly do their jobs as best as they can...

Well, that's all i got for now...

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David said...

Hellhole was better back when it first started. People were more careful to plug in good advice.

Nowadays, I can hardly stand the place. Former KoS users trolling the place combined with MMA Whores spitting out B.S. answers by the pile.

avideogameplayer said...

I agree. Plus you forgot the usual pissing contests from some people to try and impress the Mods. Or would fall under MMA whores?


But as long as the Mod staff tolerates the situation, it's going be that way...

Maybe with CBS coming on board, we might see some changes...


Thanks again for reading...

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