Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mods, KOS and TRC, oh my!

This post is gonna veer away from some of the usual stuff I have been posting.

I wanna talk about how the GF Moderation staff acts towards certain people. If what I say applies to any Mod staff, well, take a look in the mirror and wonder at what point you became a power tripping asshole and maybe you're taking your f*cking unpaid elitist job TOO seriously and quit.

If this doesn't apply to any other of the Mod staff, just nod and keep trying to do a FAIR and HONEST job here in GF, I know it's a unpaid job, but kudos anyway for keeping your head on your shoulders.

There's a user on the board named TRC. Back in the day, TRC was quite a trouble maker(or so I have heard/read about). That he was placed on the GF KOS list(whether there's a official list or not, is still up to debate).

Simply put, KOS means Kill on Sight. That means if you're on the 'list' that means if any Mod Staff spotted you, you would get insta-banned.

Back in the day when CjayC was running things and the site had a smaller user base, it wasn't that hard to find a KOSer and kicked them out. And also there's was a 'official' list. Like I said, it was mainly spectulation at the time.

But with CNET running things and the increase/turnovers in users, any talk of a 'official' KOS list had stopped and any 'KOS'ed' users had stopped coming.

Well, they say time heals all wounds. Some KOSers have come back. Some behaved, some didn't.

Those who didn't got kicked out, those who did...

Well, which brings me to my point: if a ex-'KOSer' returns to the site and is behaving their selves, why should they be targeted for their past behavior?

People do grow up, you know. I believe in the benefit of the doubt.

And from what I seen, TRC has done NOTHING to deserve the way he's being treated. If he did do anything 'bad', it's no more different than what the average GF user has done before or will do.

So what makes him so different? Could someone explain that to me?

But I highly doubt I will get an answer to this question because it's:

A. 'Mod-only' info

B. Some of the Mod staff are f*cking elitist power tripping assholes...

You choose...



David said...

I really wish the mods would stop acting like their jobs are the equivalent of Area51. The act is old.

avideogameplayer said...

I totally agree with ya, David.

The whole problem, there is NO ACCOUNTIBILITY(sp?) within the system.

Back in the day, when the site was smaller and CjayC was running things. You could at least try and get some issues resolved.

But now with Cnet running things, and CBS waiting in the wings. Who knows what kind of direction things will go?

And never mind trying to get ahold of SBacon, he's too busy putting up bells and whistles to pay any attention to things.

Even if you did manage to get his attention, he's not gonna admit that one of his 'Mod Staff' is wrong. Of course not. You could have proof that the sky is blue, but if a Mod says otherwise, oh well, you're screwed.

Now don't get me wrong, there are SOME Mods on the staff you try and do the best job they can, but you run into one of those power tripping *ssholes, you're screwed...

Maybe when CBS takes over, they'll re-examine how things are done and do something...

Yea...and Paris Hilton will make a sex tape with me...

Well, thanks for reading, David.

If you wanna respond next time, I think I set up the open comments section...


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