Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get out and vote...

Only if you're one of these millions of brainwashed zombies. I have been bombarded with all these sound bites about these prez candidates. As far as I'm concerned, both these bozos don't EVEN come close to know what they're doing.

Let's look at Barock Yourmama: Photobucket
No, buddy, you're not a superhero...

He's a rookie senator. He hung out with some racist bapist ministers back in the day. The big question is: Does he know what the f*ck he's doing? Come on now. He talks a good game, but will he be able to get the job done?

I don't think so. He's probably gonna be dealing with a congress who is gonna b*tch slap him around like some pimp.

So good luck, Yourmama...

His opponent: John Mclame:
Yea, buddy, I know you have to take a dump...

Boy is in his 70's. He's Bushy's butt buddy basically spouting how great Bushy's policies were. And now since he's running for prez, he basically flipped-flopped on his views to make him look LESS like Bush. that's gonna're just gonna end up finishing up what Bushy started. Stop trying to bullsh*t us...

Who am I gonna vote for?

I'm not even registered.

When they actually have people who are actually for the people and not some sort of corporate shrill, let me know...

Even though, I kinda like Clinton, even though he kinda blew it, or rather, that chubby chick Monica blew it. LOL!

Oh, btw, how do you like the pics? I'm kinda proud of myself. I used photobucket instead of Blogger's photo option. I found it easier to use HTML code than uploading. :)

One last note, I didn't go on my driving lesson this week. My 'buddy/teacher' had some issues with the wiring/electrical work in his van. (Nope, nothing to do with me, if THAT'S what you're thinking...wise ass...) But I will be probably taking a lesson next week. So wish me luck on that

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ever get in one of those moods?

Where you don't feel like doing sh*t? That's the way I felt all week. It was too hot, I was too tired, etc...

Hell, couldn't even think of anything to post about.

I'm sorry about that. But on the bright side, I think I figured out how to post pictures within my posts. I hope I figured it out right...


Well, maybe something fun will happen at work...

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Too damn hot...

What is up with this weather? It's been in the 90-100 degree range for the past couple of weeks. It's sucks really. I know it's summer and all, but DAAAAAMMMNNNN.

And it isn't all the much fun hiking to work because 0.K.Z. has a f*cked up public transportation system.

In other news, I have been planning a trip to Philly for my vacation but it hasn't been good since I can't find a place to stay. Sure as hell ain't paying for a me cheap...but I'm not made of money. And never mind the 2 day trip on the bus...

I could use the money for other stuff...

But's too damn hot...

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go, Speed Racer, Go!

Welcome back!

Well, today's driving lesson went pretty good. I'm getting there. We went to those back roads again. Was doing good until we went into this one turn. Then my mind somehow thought I was playing Need for Speed when I came across this one intersection. I didn't stop and tried to speed through it...(mental note: driving on a OK back road is NOT like some video game.)

LOL...I kinda of scared myself...but no harm, no foul...

Otherwise, it's a HOT F*CKING DAY! For once, I'm glad BK cranked up it's AC...

Well, nothing else is going on...sorry. :(

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'Set the Wayback Machine, Sherman...'

Sorry for not updating sooner. Graveyard shift is a mofo...

Well, I'm doing laundry right now. Not exactly the most fun thing in the universe (I think being related to Britney Spears might be a close second...).

Anyway, watching the machines go round and round got me thinking about my life. The things I have done, etc.

One event(s) that really kinda popped in my head got me thinking about what kind of defining moment it was for without further ado...

I was 17 at the time. (Damn I feel old...). My mother had just died from a brain clot six months prior. So it wasn't a happy household. My dad was still upset and moved one of my older sisters in to help out around the house.

It was, for a lack of a better word, tense. We were all kind of adjusting to things and each other. I think my sis felt it worst of all. She was on her own for so long that she felt kinda frustrated.

But me and sis got along well enough, but she thought she could 'replace' mom or some sh*t. Her and dad would often fight about the issue of disciplining me...

She would often yell that I wasn't being treated like her and my other siblings were being treated back in the day...

Wasn't a pretty picture...anyhow...

All this was going on when all the banks were getting those ATM's hooked up. My dad and my sister, not being tech savvy, enlist me to go down to the back the use it.

Well, when you're a teenager without any money when your friends have see where I'm going with this?

'Well, he ain't gonna notice $10 here or there...' (ended up snagging $80 when all is said and done.)

WRONG! (Note to all you kiddies out there: your 'rents aren't as stupid as you think they are...)

To say my dad was pissed is a understatement...


Can you imagine one of your parents gone and the other one NOT talking to you? It hurts...a lot. My sister became a 'mouthpiece' for dad.

I was upset by the whole situation, I said 'F*ck it!'. I packed up a bag, 'borrowed' my sis' ATM card, and made my way to Wildwood. I had a good time. (For the $800 I 'borrowed', it had better.)

It was all fun and games until the...

A) ATM swallowed her bankcard

B) Ran out of money...

I grabbed a job busing tables at some hole in the wall restaurant. (Free food!). Wasn't that bad.

One night, I just got done and wanted to hit the arcade. Well, I walked into one arcade and guess who I ran into...

My dear old dad...(BUSTED!). He was talking to me now. He had called 5-0 on me(can't blame the guy.). But he wanted to give me a chance to come back home and pay off everything and finish school. But he wanted me to do it on my own. After some talking I said I would come home. (I did and got a job at some fast food dump and paid my dad and sis off.).

In retrospect, my dad really loved me. He could done all sorts of thing to me when he caught me (couldn't blame him for doing so.).

But he gave me a choice...and I think I picked the right one...

Thanks for reading this long post...


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's talk about sex...

Or not. These days, sex is a hot button subject.

They have all religious bozos screaming that sex should be saved for marriage. And yet, we got the media basically turning this country into a porn warehouse. You turn on the radio, tv, movies, and OMFG the internet.

Why do we have such a f*cking double standard when it comes to sex?

Are we that f*cking confused on the issue?

The way I see, sex is part of what makes us human. To deny that is garbage. Sex is natural. It feels good. It's expression of ourselves.

But we get mixed signals about it. Schools giving out condoms, parents not doing their job and explaining stuff, abortion clinics doing their thing. Young girls on talks shows saying they will suck and f*ck anybody, anytime they want...

I feel sex shouldn't be hidden behind some wall. It should be open and honest.

If I went to a bar and met a hot chick and asked her to blow me, shouldn't be no issues, she does the deed and we can keep drinking or whatever. And that goes the same for the ladies. Slurp, slurp, slurp...

But if you want to be in a relationship, that's all right, too. Nothing wrong with that either.

But we shouldn't be acting like sex is this big horrible thing and then bombard people with it where ever we go...

Got it? Good.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to find some hot chick to blow

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Driving me crazy...

Well, another driving lesson along those back roads...I'm doing a little better, or at least that's what my teacher says. Still got to get over my nervousness. But at least I'm getting better at stopping. (a little bit anyway.) LOL.

And I gotta stop grabbing the wheel like my life depended on it. My driving teacher said I should grab the wheel like a certain female body part(you fellas know what I'm talking about...).

But other than that, a quiet day...

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One step closer to Big Brother


Used without permission but with apologies...

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit contesting the constitutionality of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Recently passed by both the House and Senate , FISA was signed into law on Thursday by President Bush. The ACLU has fought aspects of FISA in the past. The new complaint alleges the following:"The law challenged here supplies none of the safeguards that the Constitution demands. It permits the government to monitor the communications of U.S. Citizens and residents without identifying the people to be surveilled; without specifying the facilities, places, premises, or property to be monitored; without observing meaningful limitations on the retention, analysis, and dissemination of acquired information; without obtaining individualized warrants based on criminal or foreign intelligence probable cause; and, indeed, without even making prior administrative determinations that the targets of surveillance are foreign agents or connected in any way, however tenuously, to terrorism."

In other words, this nasty sh*t means that Uncle Sam can monitor you anytime, anywhere, with or without reason. Doesn't matter if you did anything wrong...

This is the biggest abuse of governmental powers since Watergate.

Isn't it about time we stopped sitting on our asses and ACTUALLY do something?

We just got a decision on the 2nd Amendment. So why don't we actually exercise it, like our founding fathers intended to?

We have a right to have a government who doesn't abuse the powers WE gave them..

We have a right to PROTEST these criminal acts by a power tripping prez.

So stop sitting on your asses and letting the media turn you into a veggie with their mind rot garbage...


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Sunday, July 13, 2008

You're not Mr. Planter, so get off my nuts...

I'm sorry if this sh*t is old, but I had to think about it for awhile. (Save your wise ass comments til the end. Kthxbi!)

Anyway, I was at the ole BK doing my thing on my laptop when Fox news (all those channels and they leave THAT on.) does a story about those pair of racist mo-fos Jesse JackAsson and a buddy from his 'Rainbow Coalition'.

It seems that they were gonna do a interview with those two concerning Barock Yourmama, when, get this sh*t, it seems that Fox cameras caught JackAsson whispering to his buddy (mind you this isn't verbatim, but close enough to get the gist.) that Yourmama talks down to black people and should have his nuts cut off. Mind you, this part happened, before the REAL segment was supposed to start. So basically the camera 'supposedly' caught this so conveinently(sp?).

OH NOES! The horror...the disgrace...the straight up bullsh*t....

Anyway, JackAsson made nice and said sorry to Yourmama and everything was cool, etc.

I got a few problems with this whole thing:

If a pair of white guys said that, they would be labeled racist. There would public outcry by the politically correct asshole media, and JackAsson and Shrimpton would be calling for some sorta justice, etc, etc.

Even if there was a apology made, those two would still call for a lynching and this sh*t would still be going on...

Ok. Point two:

JackAsson has been on tv enough times so he could tell whether or not a camera is on, etc. Or am I giving these this bozo too much credit in that respect?

And how come Fox WAS the only news outlet to air something like this for the first time? I'm sure this bozo have done stuff like this on other networks. How come Fox all of a sudden does it? Can we expect more before the segment antics from people or was this it?

Kinda makes ya wonder if this sh*t wasn't done just to make Yourmama a little more sympathic...

*shrugs shoulders*

Maybe I should leave it to the conspiracy nuts out there...(yea, like they haven't already been going through this.)

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Friday, July 11, 2008

They're playing basketball...

Hey! How are you? I'm good. Thanks for asking.

Well, this is for all you sports FREAKS out there. If you haven't seen any news lately, it seems that the team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics is now gonna make Okie Dokie their new home.

Wow. What a way to try and make a backwards thinking state look like a big city. LMAO!

The only question is: WHY?

What's the f*ckin point? It's not like the team actually won a championships lately. Feel free to correct me, I don't pay any attention to the any sports. Well, wrestling, but that's a different story.

Okie Dokie is mainly a college sports state. So do you REALLY think that anyone is gonna watch a NBA game when any OSU team is playing? I wouldn't hold my breath on that one...

I personally think this just a waste of time and money. Where's is all this extra revenue gonna go? No one said anything about that...

Personally, all PROFESSIONAL sports are just garbage. It isn't about the game itself, it's all about MONEY!

Isn't there some other ventures to pursue nowadays?

But I keep forgetting that I'm just a faceless voice in the world surround by mindless zombies...

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Thursday, July 10, 2008


I know it's been a couple of days since I did a update. I haven't had anything to post about, plus the fact I was tired...I hate the night shift...


Well, I had another driving lesson. Me and my teacher went back to that dirt road we were at a couple of weeks ago. I did better this time than I did last time. But I got practice my stopping distances. LOL.

And I gotta find a copy of the OKC driving manual to study. Too bad I have to go to online and download a copy...


Well, nothing else is gonna on right now on the GF boards...



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Monday, July 7, 2008

Would you do this for a $1000?

- let a man die even though you could save him?

- beat up some random stranger?

- steal from your job?

- walk away from someone you love?

- destroy one of your prized possessions?

- commit account suicide on Gamefaqs?

- rape some random female?

- have sex with a gay/lesbian person even though you're straight?

- break into someone's house?

- let a limb of your be cutoff?

What would you do for a $1000? And would you feel alright doing it?

Thanks for reading...


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Making a run for the border...

Well, once again, the issue of illegal immigration has popped up. This time, on Gamefaqs. There's this one user who supports this bullsh*t practice...which kinda makes me think that this moron is an illegal too. But whatever. We're talking about Mexico, btw. The following is from one post of the topic.

I put my 'T.O.S.' friendly version on the board. Now I'm gonna do the uncensored (the f*ck the GF T.O.S.) version.

My one statement asked why if Mexico was so bad, why don't do something about it instead of running here?

The current president in Mexico is trying to fix the Mexican government, but the gangs in Mexico overpower the Mexican army because the gang members are smuggling guns FROM the US TO Mexico. There is no need for a revolution, they just need the money to help fix their economy.

O RLY? So you can sneak across the border to steal jobs and run guns, but you can't do anything in your own backyard? Tell me more...and you can't fix any economy by f*cking up someone else's. And that's what you're doing.

You're not paying into the system via taxes...

Illegal immigrants DO pay taxes. My parents are illegal immigrants and they still pay taxes ON TIME. Get your facts straight before you start ripping on immigrants. In the 17 years that I have lived with my parents (which is my whole life) we have NEVER received a tax refund from the government. Again, check your facts.

Facts? What kind of world do you live in? You basically saying your parents have been illegals for 17 years, paid their taxes, and never been caught?

There's one thing Uncle Sam doesn't f*ck with it and it's taxes. The first time, your parents 'filed' a tax form, you guys would've been busted. Mainly for having phony SS numbers. So either you NEED to get your f*cking facts straight or Uncle Sam is sleeping on the job...

And I wouldn't hold my breath on the latter...

By doing everything so cheap we are keeping this country from going down the drain. What is turning this country into a third world country is the fact that billions of dollars are going into funding this "War on Terror." Republicans want to continue the war against Iraq while at the same time blaming the drain CAUSED by the war on illegals.

Actually, do you f*cking go to school? The illegal issue had been around since, at least the 70s'. This War on Terrorism has been around for about 5-10 years. This is just one of those times where the illegal issue is being focused on. Get YOUR facts straight, junior...

Cheaper,better,faster. We do work efficiently and faster than most Americans. We keep the economy from going down the drain and we do the jobs that most Americans wouldn't even consider doing.

It's only cheaper because you work cheaper. When you work cheap, the quality of life goes down. Less money means less everything else. America is known for it's high standard of living, if you take that away, we end up becoming...MEXICO.

And I guess you haven't heard about safety recalls for products made with Mexican labor. It happens with China, too. And guess what? They use cheap/slave labor too...

If your job can be taken by an unskilled worker, then you don't deserve your job.

I only hope you meant to apply this to only fast food places. Cause any other place would laugh at some guy who doesn't have skills and can't speak a word of English. Either that, or make him/her do toilets. Oh wait, we do that NOW, accordng to you.

In closing, I stand by one of my early posts, ship the motherf*cking illegals to the Middle East and let them fight to become citizens. I'm sure after 6 months, your home country will sure as hell look good to you...

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Friday, July 4, 2008

*sets of fireworks*

Well, went over to a friend's house to shot off some fireworks and have some beers. Took some pics. Gonna upload the pics. Hope you enjoy them!

Have a safe 4th and no drinking and driving! OK?

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th!

Well, it's a little early, but who cares? No driving lesson today, my driving coach had some family things he had to do. Oh well, there's always next week.

With summer here, the GF boards gets a influx of new users and returning regulars. So it might get interesting in the next few months.

But otherwise, there's nothing going on. I have no plans for today, except to update the blog and just putz around.

Hopefully something will pop up. Maybe not. Oh well...

Thanks for reading.


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