Sunday, July 13, 2008

You're not Mr. Planter, so get off my nuts...

I'm sorry if this sh*t is old, but I had to think about it for awhile. (Save your wise ass comments til the end. Kthxbi!)

Anyway, I was at the ole BK doing my thing on my laptop when Fox news (all those channels and they leave THAT on.) does a story about those pair of racist mo-fos Jesse JackAsson and a buddy from his 'Rainbow Coalition'.

It seems that they were gonna do a interview with those two concerning Barock Yourmama, when, get this sh*t, it seems that Fox cameras caught JackAsson whispering to his buddy (mind you this isn't verbatim, but close enough to get the gist.) that Yourmama talks down to black people and should have his nuts cut off. Mind you, this part happened, before the REAL segment was supposed to start. So basically the camera 'supposedly' caught this so conveinently(sp?).

OH NOES! The horror...the disgrace...the straight up bullsh*t....

Anyway, JackAsson made nice and said sorry to Yourmama and everything was cool, etc.

I got a few problems with this whole thing:

If a pair of white guys said that, they would be labeled racist. There would public outcry by the politically correct asshole media, and JackAsson and Shrimpton would be calling for some sorta justice, etc, etc.

Even if there was a apology made, those two would still call for a lynching and this sh*t would still be going on...

Ok. Point two:

JackAsson has been on tv enough times so he could tell whether or not a camera is on, etc. Or am I giving these this bozo too much credit in that respect?

And how come Fox WAS the only news outlet to air something like this for the first time? I'm sure this bozo have done stuff like this on other networks. How come Fox all of a sudden does it? Can we expect more before the segment antics from people or was this it?

Kinda makes ya wonder if this sh*t wasn't done just to make Yourmama a little more sympathic...

*shrugs shoulders*

Maybe I should leave it to the conspiracy nuts out there...(yea, like they haven't already been going through this.)

Thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

take those old july 4th pics down already. it's over, let's move on people.keeping it real. son.....

avideogameplayer said...

One of these days, but what do YOU really think?

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