Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another day behind the wheel...

And a another driving lesson. I actually drove in a actual street today. It wans't that bad. Even past a few oncoming cars. Kinda a scary, but I made it without any damage. Just gotta start trying judge distances more. Even did a 3 point turn. My teacher called it a 'turnaround'. Don't know why they call it that, but, meh.

In work news, I'm still waiting on management to give me my new schedule for next week. WTF? They're supposed to be putting me on day shift, it WOULD'VE been nice if they gave me a f*cking clue.

But, meh...gotta play it by ear.

Sorry if this is a short update, but there's nothing I really wanted to write about. Maybe something will pop up next week...

Thanks for reading!


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