Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chess boxing? Are we THAT bored?

While I was channelsurfing to avoid all these religious sh*t that they show on Sunday mornings, when I saw this news clip on the Crappy Broadcasting Station about this chess boxing.


Chess boxing, it seems, is this new hybrid sport combining chess and, of course, boxing.

I swear! It's an honest to (whatever supernatural entity) sport.

It's set up where these two boxers sit down for a 6 minute round of speed chess, then a 3 minute round of boxing, then 6 more minutes of speed chess, etc.

I don't see how anybody can continue to play chess when they had their brians scrambled a little...

And according to the 'news' article, it's starting to catch on.

What the motherf*ck...

What is wrong with us? Why aren't we distracting ourselves with this type of garbage when we could be addressing the wrongs in our society?

We got homeless people, crimes, war, economy issues, etc.

And yet, we come up with this pablum.

Are we THAT afraid to face the REALITY of our modern life? Are we just brainwashed? Are we that STUPID?

Come on, people, stop trying to invent ways to distract ourselves from trying to better our world out there.

But I guess, like boxers, we let our brains become to f*cking scrambled by outside forces to care anymore...

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Anonymous said...

yea, we r that bored. u know u can only hang at the mall for so long...i have a call to everyone out there: don't vote this coming election. What's the point? the new pres. will just be a figurehead. The new front man for the always corrupt, unchangingly unfair political system we have in the good ol' u s of a. we need to take some of the millions from celebrities and sports "athletes" and spread it around to the poorest of the poor in this country. there's places in the u.s. that don't even have running water, and have to raise goats and eat them to survive. I seen it on Oprah. show was called the 'poor in America' with Anderson Cooper reporting. this ain't no joke, yo.

avideogameplayer said...

I hear ya! Things are so f*cked up!

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