Monday, August 11, 2008

What is the big deal with women and oral sex?

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I was having a discussion with a female associate about oral sex, mainly blowjobs. She says that the only time women give out bjs is when they're:

Drunk, expecting the man to return the favor(in a manner of speaking...), or some 'hooker pornstar slut' who does it for a living.

I kinda find that hard to believe nowadays. From what I understand, most teenagers/young women (mainly college chicks) give out blowjobs instead of regular f*cking because:

It's 'safer' than regular sex.

It lets them keep their 'virgin' status.

I honestly haven't heard of any of them expecting the favor to be returned. Maybe some do, some don't. I'm a guy, so don't expect me to be able to read women's mind like in the old Mel Gibson movie. (It had Helen Hunt in it. If anyone wants to post what it was, it would be appreciated.).

If a women just want to suck d*cks and isn't worried about the favor being returned, that's alright. It shouldn't be a big deal, and she shouldn't be labelled a 'pornstar slut'.

Everyone is different. Just because you have your views doesn't mean everyone has them.

Got it?

And on the work front, I am finally gonna be leaving the night/graveyard sh*t. But it's gonna be in a different area.

No biggie. I got kinda of tired of messing with these *sshole customers...

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Anonymous said...

Bottom line is" u do me, i will probably do ya back. u don't give to me, i don't give anything extra to u. works both ways here. basically dicks r best when in and out, not in the mouth. got it? good, pass it on. oh, and guys leave the fragile poop shoot alone altogether. la la out.

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