Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oprah is finally showing her true colors...

Well, this morning, I was at BK messing around when I saw on Fox news that Oprah Winfrey won't let VP hopeful Sarah Palin on her show.

Some excuses are:

She doesn't want to be a platform for these candidates running.

Oh, really now? Then how come you had Borock Yourmama on your show 2006/2007? Huh? He wasn't a official yet.

She's a Repubician. (Yea, I spelt it that way...).

I could almost buy that, expect, that your show caters to WOMEN and why wouldn't you want to show what a mother of 5 could do if she put her mind to it?

I could tell you the REAL reason why Oprah is not putting Palin on her show.

It's the same reason she funded to build all those schools in Africa...


Stop trying to pretend you're not, Oprah. You put on these mid level guests on the show to grab some ratings from the white bread soccer moms. But to put someone on who could help shape the next four years just cause she's white? OH NOES!

Well, Oprah, you already f*cked with putting that phony quack, Dr. Phil on the air. (Token gesture, maybe?)

And maybe Racheal Ray hooked ya up with some cornbread and grits.

But you just owned yourself with this stunt.

Here's hoping that the network takes your ass off the f*cking air...

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Anonymous said...

I seen Oprah at the Democratic National Convention supporting Obama. Crying, she was so into it. She's a very strong, visible democrat. and has never hid her support early on, of Barack O. She helped get the word out about him from the beginning. She loves Oprah's not a reuplican. I f she was, she'd probably have MCCain on her show. It's not about race, it's about party lines. She's not gonna help out the republicans in any way, shape or form. 'Cuz she doesn't want them to win. Who cares if the v.p. is a chick. Not all women think the same way about things u know. The issues are mor important than gender or race. And democrats think very differntly on the issues than republicans do.Oprah sees this point.

avideogameplayer said...

Let's see what happens if Borock Yourmama gets elected and picks his cabinet.


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