Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years ago today...

On a quiet day in New York City, two airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers and ending up destroying them and killing hundreds, if not thousands of people in the process.

Where were you on that day?

I was working at Burger King in Philly that day. Everyone heard about it via a phone call from a employee who was off that day. I was sent home early that day. When I came home, I turned on the television, all the networks were covering the event.

Everyone was offering their opinions about what happen and who could be responsible for it.

It was a very tragic day for all those involved.

We later learned it was Osama bin Ladle and his terrorist network who claimed to the act. And of course, we tried to capture him, but so far no luck...

The U.S. gov't said things will change. We will be safer. They will protect us, etc.

But what has happened in those past seven years?

We got the 'Patriot Act', a bill passed meant to help capture terrorists. But it basically gave the gov't to subvert our constitutional rights in the name of 'security'.

We raided Iraq to get Saddam Hussien under false pretenses and are still there trying to 'stabilize' the region.
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We got all these corporations feeding our personal information to Uncle Sam just because they think that we're 'terrorists'...*coughAT&Tcough*.

We had to bail out the airlines because no one wanted to use them at the time. Don't ask the bigwigs to take a paycut...

We got higher gas prices because we're reluctant to try and change things.

But the bigger question is:

Are we any safer now than we were?

I don't know...I can't answer that question...

In the meanwhile, my condolences to all the family and friends who were affected by this tragedy...

Thank you for reading...


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