Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hmmm...this is PATHETIC...

Well, it seems that some poor Walmart employee in Long Island, New York, got TRAMPLED to death on Black Friday.

Was it worth this poor guy's life just some *ssholes could get a deal on some TV or whatever it was? WAS IT?

I don't think so. Dude was trying to do his just and this sh*t happens. I'm telling you, people are getting f*cking crazy lately.

The stuff isn't going ANYWHERE, people. Xmas is supposed to be a holiday of 'good will towards man'. But I guess the almighty dollar won out on this go round.

Everyday I hear stories like this, makes my faith in my fellow human shrink just a little. Does anyone even CARE any more? You would think post 9/11, we would be over this little petty bullsh*t. But thanks to Bushie, we're just gangbanging in Iraq.

This is GREED and STUPIDITY at it's highest level.

I better stop now, before I REALLY get p*ssed off and end up losing my Google account.

And on a personal note, a BIG HELLO to all my new visitors. Hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I like writing them. If you got any good ideas for a blog post, don't be afraid to hit me up on the comments page...

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Better get your combat boots on...

It's BLACK FRIDAY, the most ridiculous, retarded, day of the year. Everyone gets up at the crack of dawn looking for some early bird deals the retailers have set up. Really...who wants to get up at f*cking 4 AM in the morning cause Wal-Mart has a big 42 inch HD TV on sale for $199?

And whatever happen to common sense? Why wait until the last minute to do all of your shopping? It's ONE DAY of the year, people! You got 364 other days to shop for your sh*t, But, NOOOOOOO. You have to go off like wild f*ckin animals for this stuff.

Has anyone ever heard of GIFT CARDS? They're easy, convenient, and you don't have to worry if it's the right size, etc. Let someone do your shopping for you.

In this technological age, why are people still sh*t like this the HARD WAY? We got the internet people! Safe, convenient, and they do deliver, people...

And besides, with all this crap going on nowadays, why are we so focus on this stuff? Don't we have better things to do with our time and money?

I suppose not...

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This is just a quick blog wishing everyone a happy turkey day. Hope everyone don't eat too much and fall asleep watching football(*gags and chokes*). I gotta work a half a day tomorrow. So I will be home to enjoy the rest of the day. Thank god I got a PS2. I bought Final Fantasy 12 for 10 bucks, so I will be messing with that for awhile.

Don't worry, I will still be blogging.

Oh, I got a haircut today. The barber took like a half hour to cut it all. Yea, IT WAS THAT LONG! LOL.

It will grow back. Just wanted a little change. Had long hair for like 3-4 years. After that long, it does get on your nerves.

Some people might not like it, but it will grow back.

And this is to all the idiots who decide to kill themsevles on Black Friday:


Seriously, my Xmas shopping used to consist of buying a bunch of gift cards. It's just easier on my part. I rather do that, than trying to figure out what this one wants, what color they want, etc.

Sh*t, call me lazy, but at least people can pick out what THEY want and it's easier for the people who get them. You can wait for a few months to use it, too. So if something goes on sale later on, BAM! You can get it cheaper.

But that's just me.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

This day in history...

Let's see...the three major things that happen on November 23rd (or at the ones I really care to

JFK got assassinated.

My all time fave sci fi show, Dr. Who premiered. (even though the BBC had to rerun it the following week because of JFK's assassination.)

Sonic 2 came on for the Genesis. Sonic 2sday they called it.

Man, I remember reading about that game in EGM back in the day. I was living in a rooming house down in the Port Richmond area of Philly at the time. I was working in a comic book store at the time. (good old Classic Comics on Kensington ave.). I was making like $170 a week at the time, shelling out $70 out for my rent at said rooming house.

I remember getting that game on Sunday that week when it came out. I rushed over to Aramingo ave. to the Toys R Us. The store was a little busy that day. Aramingo ave. was always busy on Sundays. I went to the video game section and seeing that they still had a few copies left. So I grabbed one and ran home.

I threw off my jacket, slammed my game in and played it like a motherf*cker...

It was 8 megs of pure fun. (At the time, anyways...). I thought the graphics and music were decent. I kinda like the second stage music (forgot what it was, but all of a sudden popped into my head.)

I thought Tails was just a waste on some stages, especially the bonus stages. Is boy a f*ck up or what? What were those Sega guys smoking when they created him?

I think I stayed up until 1 a.m. just messing with it. Damn that cheap ass mecha sonic thing! Burned like 10 continues trying to beat him...ended up being a walking zombie the next day...oh well...

But I beat it...hell yea! But the ending was a disappoinment...oh well, we didn't have DVD-ROMS where you can store FMVs up your ass.

But all in all, a good game to play.

You kiddies are lucky these days. The internet was just a toy for whoever owned a modem and didn't mind dail up back then. There was no pr0n floating around, no viruses, no firewalls, no USB connection, no 'free' stuff sites where you can download sh*t, no blogging, no SH*T! Just 8 bit graphics and text back then.

You brats are SPOILED! Don't hide kids are damn lucky to have what you got...

You kids are...*looks around*

Aw, GOD! I flipped into a old man rant, didn't I? lol

Sorry. With my birthday and all, it's kinda of hard not to reminsce about stuff sometimes.

But, another year down and another one to try and survive.

Happy B-day to me...

Thanks for reading,


Monday, November 17, 2008

Another bailout

It was bad enough that the US gov't is bailing out the banking/financial industry even though it was their greed that did this to them.

Now there are talks about bailing out the auto industry.


Did we bail out one car maker (I think it was Dodge/Chyseller(sp)?) in the 80's?

Now, 20 odd years later, we are expected to bail out the rest of them?

The CEOs of these places are blaming everyone but themselves for why their companies are failing.

Not to sound like a crass *sshole, but let them go under.

I'm sure I will get a lot of slack about people losing their jobs, etc.

But I'm sick and tired of every time I turn around, the gov't is bailing out big business and doing NOTHING for the average person.

Last time I checked, driving was a privilege, not a right. So why are we sweating a industry that's basically a non essential commodity? If you look around these days, there's PUH-LENTY of used car lots around. So there's no excuse about not trying to find a car.

I'm sorry that it doesn't go from 0 to 60 in 20 seconds, have GPS, or looks really, really, cool. But if it gets you from Point A to Point B, stop your b*tching!

Hell, we might be doing a good thing here. Without all these new cars on the road, we might be able to improve public transportation (or introduce it in states that don't have it.). Hell, we might be helping the environment(I could be wrong, but f*ck it).

Let me catch ya later, I gottta hike to work. LOL.

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Taking inventory

Well, as my ole b-day comes around(it's next week, btw.), I start feeling melancholy about my life. Even though at this point with no female around, it's probably the ONLY thing I'm feeling. lol.

But in all seriousness, birthdays are like a mixed bag. It's a time for celebration and also a time to look back and see how far you've come in your life.

Is this the place where I want to be? Is this the job I wanted? Is that the car I wanted to drive? Is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with?

Birthdays are also a time for looking back at the choices you made.

Did I do this right? Did I do that right? Did I call the people I care enough? Did I give enough to that charity? Why did I do this? Why did I do that? Why did I move here?

At my age(don't ask, wiseasses...XD), birthdays aren't just about getting some stuff and getting drunk while doing so. lol. It's more of a reminder that I'm survived another year, with the hope of getting through another one with my sanity intact.

Even though, with my b-day being close to Thanksgiving and Xmas, it's kinda hard not to sometimes...


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We're off to a good start with the new prez...

Instead of worrying about how Borock Yourmama is going to help lead our country, you know what the media is sweating?



We got a failing economy, a sh*thole in the Middle East (Thanks to Bushie), a energy crisis, etc. and THIS IS THE SH*T WE'RE WORRIED ABOUT?


Have we become THAT dumbed down that this is what passes as reporting these days? Never mind that Yourmama could be a hidden pedophile, let's go see what kind of 'mutt' he's gonna get.

And people wonder why I don't watch the news. It's more about ratings, shock value and puff pieces like this.

Is there any intelligence on TV anymore? Or I'm stuck just watching the Simpsons just so I don't have to get disgusted enough to throw my size 10 and half sneaker through my television set?

Oh, btw you shouldn't forget to get one of those DTV converter thingies, cause digital TV will be SOOOOOOO much better...


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Sunday, November 9, 2008

At a crossroads...

In just 2 weeks, I will put another notch on my controller.

Kinda makes me feel REALLY old. Lol.

But in all seriousness, how many of you actually are right where you wanna be in your life?

I know I'm not. But where do I go? Do I stay in a place where I don't want to just cause it's easy? Do I move?

If I do move, where do I go? I have a couple of ideas. But without any money, I'm stuck here for the moment.

But I'm looking at several apartments in different states. Still trying to figure things out. Like how close is it to a certain job, does it have sidewalks, how's the public transportation, etc...

A lot of questions, not a hell of a lot of answers...

I hate getting old...

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's see what happens next...

Borock Yourmama is our new president. A BLACK president to boot.

I'm not so worried about that as much as he has little or no experience in politics.

Will he be able to deliver on all these promises he made on the campaign trail?

What about his forgien(sp?) policy? What will that do?

The economy? The possible energy crisis?

A lot of questions that have to be answered.

Hopefully, all the answers will be good ones.

Cause we're STUCK with him for the next four years...unless we bring Monica back...

I was gonna post more, but Borock Yourmama didn't do anything yet...

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Did we skip a holiday or something?

It's the day after Halloween and they're playing f*cking CHRISTMAS songs at my store.

Did I oversleep or something? Did I rip off two months instead of one on my calender?


It was one thing to start to this Xmas bullsh*t after Thanksgiving. 'Black Friday' is what they used to call it. But I guess these greedy retailers want a jumpstart on the holidays season.

Again, WTF?

What happened to Thanksgiving? Was there some meeting I wasn't invited to? Could someone PUH-LEAZE tell me what is going on?

And these stores wonder why people aren't gonna out shopping like they used to. Gee, I'd burnt out on Xmas too, if it got jammed down my throat 6 weeks early.

This is just stupid and greedy.

I'm not a big holiday fan to begin with, but this is going a little too far in my book. They already try that 'Xmas in July' junk sometimes.

Next thing you know, they will be having a 'XMAS 2'...(a cookie to whoever gets the movie reference).

Sheesh! I'd like to shove a few candy canes up somebody's ass...


And on a side note, a glitch is preventing me from post comments on my OWN blog don't know if it's fixed or not, I haven't tried it lately.


Viper, it was nice hearing from ya again, hope you're feeling better. Don't be a stranger! There's always next year for your Mariners...

Anon, Ella is doing fine. I'm ok. Good luck with the job hunt! If you get some cash, I want some sneakers, and the 4th season of Dr. Who on dvd for Xmas/b-day. Lol. But just get working again would be the best thing for ya...

Thanks for reading,


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