Saturday, November 1, 2008

Did we skip a holiday or something?

It's the day after Halloween and they're playing f*cking CHRISTMAS songs at my store.

Did I oversleep or something? Did I rip off two months instead of one on my calender?


It was one thing to start to this Xmas bullsh*t after Thanksgiving. 'Black Friday' is what they used to call it. But I guess these greedy retailers want a jumpstart on the holidays season.

Again, WTF?

What happened to Thanksgiving? Was there some meeting I wasn't invited to? Could someone PUH-LEAZE tell me what is going on?

And these stores wonder why people aren't gonna out shopping like they used to. Gee, I'd burnt out on Xmas too, if it got jammed down my throat 6 weeks early.

This is just stupid and greedy.

I'm not a big holiday fan to begin with, but this is going a little too far in my book. They already try that 'Xmas in July' junk sometimes.

Next thing you know, they will be having a 'XMAS 2'...(a cookie to whoever gets the movie reference).

Sheesh! I'd like to shove a few candy canes up somebody's ass...


And on a side note, a glitch is preventing me from post comments on my OWN blog don't know if it's fixed or not, I haven't tried it lately.


Viper, it was nice hearing from ya again, hope you're feeling better. Don't be a stranger! There's always next year for your Mariners...

Anon, Ella is doing fine. I'm ok. Good luck with the job hunt! If you get some cash, I want some sneakers, and the 4th season of Dr. Who on dvd for Xmas/b-day. Lol. But just get working again would be the best thing for ya...

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Anonymous said...

Yea, they're playing Xmas music on the radio already. Heard it yesterday. All about the money;that's the american way. U'll get something when i have it to send. U should know that. Don't have to sound so pushy about i'm still a work in progress, money wise, right now. 76people were arrested the nit the Phillies won. 10businesses vandalized n busted up. City of brotherly what???????

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