Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Doctor's Shield.

[Note: All Characters are owned by their respective owners. This is merely a fan fic I have been meaning to get down for awhile. This story should not be considered canon by either FX or the BBC. This is just a 'What If?' type of story. Thank you.]

The Doctor's Shield. Chapter One, Part One.

Downtown Los Angeles.

Vic Mackie was driving down 45th street headed towards the Farmington police precinct, or to the others working there, the Farm.

Vic Mackie was a detective there. Part of a special unit called the Strikeforce. The Strikeforce was a pilot program aim at getting rid of the illegal element the local neighborhood for years. Gangs, drugs, prostitution, etc. The Farm was going to be the new prototype of how all districts were going to be in the future.

But Vic Mackie's 'ideas' on crime and punishment was just a little too much for his superiors at times. Sure, they knew Vic was doing things 'outside of the box', but no one could argue with the results. Even though the Mayor's office and City Hall was getting threatened with lawsuits and the like every other day over things like 'civil rights', 'harassment', etc. The Mayor brushed it all off. 'They'll thank us in the end...' he quiped.

But elections change everything. With the threat of getting booted out of office, the Mayor launched an investigation into Vic Mackie's 'dealings'. The Mayor wasn't happy with what he found: robbing an Armenian Money train and claiming it wasn't a money train. Killing a fellow officer who threatened to blow the whistle on the whole deal. Conspiring with the gang known as the 'One-Niners' to cut down another gang. Planting evidence on several high profile suspects just to make a bust. And the list went on.

In the end, it didn't matter what the Strikeforce did. As long as Vic Mackie was part of it, it could never get any real support.

So Vic got demoted and moved to another district and the Strikeforce was disbanded.

But that was all before the disappearances happened. At first, it seemed trivial. This gang member was missing, that was missing. Who cares about gangs? They were shooting and killing each other all the time. It was just a matter of time before their bodies turned up in some morgue somewhere.

But they didn't. And this is where Vic came in. With the Farm overwhelmed by the local residents worried that they might be next. Civil Rights groups screaming racism because most of the gangs around were minorities. At the end, there was no choice, Vic Mackie was the only one with the most experience with this type of gang behavior.

Vic Mackie sighed as he pulled into the Farm.

'And I should give a rat's ass about this because?' Vic thought to himself as he was searching for a parking spot.

[To be continued next post. Either that, or I will just continue it with this]

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