Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How do you like them Apples?

For all you iPod owners better be thankful for this:

It seems Apple wants to have a monopoly on what kind of software your can have on your iPods.

Apple's legal effort to remove the source code and related Web pages that could create iTunes-like software from the Internet appears to have failed.

Apple has tried to pimp out the DCMA to try and stop a third party website stopping them from making software for the iPods.

The project, named iPodHash, is an effort to open the iPod and iPhone to third-party media software other than Apple's iTunes.

Apple issued a C&D (cease and desist order) to a website that has been making software for iPods. But this guy fought back...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation disagrees with Apple's position.

Let the legal ramblings begin...

EFF attorney Fred von Lohmann claimed that the iPodHash project has not yet succeeded, which means Apple is trying to ban technical speech rather than functional code that enables the circumvention of a digital lock.

In other word, Apple is phailing at trying to keep a monopoly on what kind of software you can use on your iPods.

And kudos to the guys EFF for fighting the fight against companies who think they can just abuse the DCMA just because they can...

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