Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, you better grab all your MP3's and videos now...


It's seems there's was this big meeting regarding copyright issues. But this didn't just trying to do something about cheap, second rate knock offs. The entertainment industry was in on the meeting and what they want isn't pretty.

Electronic Frontiers Australia chair Dale Clapperton said the proposed multinational treaty had been "developed behind closed doors" in consultation with big music and film industry copyright owners.

Little information had been made available, but "there appears to be significant involvement by the Recording Industry Association of America and other copyright lobby groups", he said.

It seems Hollywood wants to squeeze a little tighter on the average joe when it comes to downloading stuff...

It also proposes requiring internet service providers to monitor users for potential copyright infringements and disconnect or throttle internet access.

There are fears the treaty will extend the definition of "commercial copying", turning ordinary consumers into criminals for downloading music or entertainment files.

WTF? It's bad enough these bozos are already suing people left and right for 'alleged' copyright violations (citing the DCMA), but this sh*t is going too f*cking far.

To me, this is just another attempt by the corporate entity known as 'Hollywood' to get a bigger strangle hold on the masses.

When are people gonna say enough is F*CKING ENOUGH?

We're the ones putting money into your pocket and now it seems they wanna take whatever's left...

As Chuck D of Public Enemy once said: 'Burn, Hollywood, Burn...'

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