Friday, August 22, 2008

Wanna make a quick buck?

Of course, we all do. Within these uncertain economic times, we all would like to make some extra cash to break even or try and get ahead.

But it's kinda of hard to do these days, with corporate america squeezing harder on people just for f*cking profits.

Good ole capitalism...

Which makes me wonder do all these get rich quick schemes I see on tv actually work?

'Get rich in real estate'

'Become wealthy with the stock market.'

And so on...

These offer these dreams only, if you pay $299.99 or so for their 'kits'. Huh?

If making money was so easy, why should I have o shell out money to learn them. Personally, if I got rich that easily, I wouldn't trying to tell anyone.


Unless the whole thing was bullsh*t and I was just trying to scam my way into money...

But whatever...

Thanks for reading.


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