Saturday, August 30, 2008

McLame has lost it...

I just found out that McLame picked his veep. It's some first time female governor from ALASKA!

OMFG! What the hell is grandpa thinking? Is he actually going senile? Or does he think she would change his Depends diapers when he needs them?

I have nothing against having a female on the ticket. But what does she knows about the rest of us in the lower 48?

From what I heard, she's pro-gun, which is understandable in Alaska, I can't picture anyone doing anything else up in there. She's got 5 kids and is pro-life(read: religious nut/anti women's rights). But what other experience does she has?

I personally think it's just McLame's cheap way to try steal votes from Borock Yourmama. Cause I can't picture this woman actually taking over when McLame kicks the bucket. Make no mistake, he will, it's just a matter of time.

Maybe it's about time we should start putting an age limit on being a politician. Maybe when you hit 65 you get kicked out.

But then again, they won't even put term limits for some of these stupid con men.


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