Friday, September 19, 2008

*bangs head against wall*

Hey! What's up, people? Sorry for such a stretch between updates, but I'm still on vacation. I was just relaxing and putzing around until I heard about a couple of interesting events that popped up.

1. AIG, a major insurance company, on the verge of ruin because of the current housing 'crisis', is given a $850 billion loan (with a very small percentage rate) from OUR GOVERNMENT to save it from going bankrupt and ruining the economy. In exchange, uncle sam, gets a huge stake in the company.

WHAT THE F*CK? This is the biggest example of corporate welfare that I have ever seen. It's bad enough that these companies get to leap around tax loopholes, get to ship jobs down to some third world country so they don't have to pay a LIVABLE WAGE while their top guys get millions in pay and benefits while their employees have to work two or more jobs to pay for everything and go on welfare, because, heaven forbid, that they offer affordable healthcare to their employees.

And I haven't heard anything about AIG trying to take care of their house. All the CEOs, COO, C.*N.T.S, and whoever else is still getting paid. I'm sure those employees that will end up being unemployed will take comfort in that thought while they tell little Suzie why she can't eat tonight.

Makes me f*cking sick.

And once again, no one is saying sh*t about it.


2. It seems some 'hacker' broke into VP candidate, Palin's, Yahoo email account. There was several government documents, which in turn, was posted on several websites (I would've posted them myself, but I could care less about trying to find them. Google is your friend...). There's was this big fuss about she shouldn't have used a PUBLIC EMAIL for gov't business, especially since she was a GOVERNMENT EMAIL account.

What a f*cking moron. Looks like McLame found himself a running mate as stupid as he is...

Well, a 20 year old son of a Democratic state rep has taken responsibility for the 'hacking'.

'What started as a prank was cut short because of panic over the possibility the FBI might investigate.' - the hacker wrote. (Really? No sh*t, sherlock!) (I would post the link, but that would violate Blogger's TOS, sorry. :( )

What a f*cking punk...

I seen account hackers on Gamefaqs with more balls than this ass.

The funny thing is, this guy will get nailed to the wall for this, while, Palin will be left alone for her stupidity. Even though, she looks more of a threat to national security than some email hacker.

Whew! My head hurts...

Well, my driving lesson was alright. I'm getting better at the stopping. I should grab some dime and see if I can stop on

I go back next Friday, oh goodie...

Thanks for reading!


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