Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun Times...

Well, my vacation's is over and I gotta go back today. Yippee.

But the biggest news this week is how the gov't is trying to bail out all these banks. WTF? What about bailing out us 'regular' people? We're not the ones that f*cked up the whole housing system. We're the ones that put in our time at work, pay our taxes, etc. But we can't get affordable healthcare, a decent school system, safe streets, a wage that we can live on, instead of this $7 an hour sh*t.

I thought the U.S. government worked for US, not Wall Street. They f*cked up. Let them stew in their own juices.

Even though it's funny hearing how Mclame broke away from his campaign to try and help and ending up f*cking things up some more. LOL.

Hopefully the masses will see what kind of idiot Mclame is and vote for someone else.

My vote is 'None of the Above'...

Thanks for reading.


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