Sunday, November 23, 2008

This day in history...

Let's see...the three major things that happen on November 23rd (or at the ones I really care to

JFK got assassinated.

My all time fave sci fi show, Dr. Who premiered. (even though the BBC had to rerun it the following week because of JFK's assassination.)

Sonic 2 came on for the Genesis. Sonic 2sday they called it.

Man, I remember reading about that game in EGM back in the day. I was living in a rooming house down in the Port Richmond area of Philly at the time. I was working in a comic book store at the time. (good old Classic Comics on Kensington ave.). I was making like $170 a week at the time, shelling out $70 out for my rent at said rooming house.

I remember getting that game on Sunday that week when it came out. I rushed over to Aramingo ave. to the Toys R Us. The store was a little busy that day. Aramingo ave. was always busy on Sundays. I went to the video game section and seeing that they still had a few copies left. So I grabbed one and ran home.

I threw off my jacket, slammed my game in and played it like a motherf*cker...

It was 8 megs of pure fun. (At the time, anyways...). I thought the graphics and music were decent. I kinda like the second stage music (forgot what it was, but all of a sudden popped into my head.)

I thought Tails was just a waste on some stages, especially the bonus stages. Is boy a f*ck up or what? What were those Sega guys smoking when they created him?

I think I stayed up until 1 a.m. just messing with it. Damn that cheap ass mecha sonic thing! Burned like 10 continues trying to beat him...ended up being a walking zombie the next day...oh well...

But I beat it...hell yea! But the ending was a disappoinment...oh well, we didn't have DVD-ROMS where you can store FMVs up your ass.

But all in all, a good game to play.

You kiddies are lucky these days. The internet was just a toy for whoever owned a modem and didn't mind dail up back then. There was no pr0n floating around, no viruses, no firewalls, no USB connection, no 'free' stuff sites where you can download sh*t, no blogging, no SH*T! Just 8 bit graphics and text back then.

You brats are SPOILED! Don't hide kids are damn lucky to have what you got...

You kids are...*looks around*

Aw, GOD! I flipped into a old man rant, didn't I? lol

Sorry. With my birthday and all, it's kinda of hard not to reminsce about stuff sometimes.

But, another year down and another one to try and survive.

Happy B-day to me...

Thanks for reading,


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