Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Enough of this corporate socialism...

This is really getting ridiculous. First the housing market, then the banks, and the auto industry.

What about the average joe (I'm not talking about that plumber guy, either.)? What are we getting out of this? Just a bigger deficit.

If they really want to help us out, then they should bail out all these places and give EVERY AMERICAN stock options. Since all of OUR money is going to these places, we have every right to own a piece of these places.

F*ck these CEOs who make WAY TOO much money while screwing the little guy in terms of wages and benefits. Let us make the decisions on which way the companies are run.

Then we will see how well these places run...

But that's not gonna happen because no one is calling up their state/city reps to b*tch them out about it.


And on a related note, I heard the state of California has their hand out. WTF? Why doesn't Ar-nuld ask his Hollywood buddies to chip in. They live there, too. I'm sure Tom Cruise and his sciencecrap buddies would be willing to donate. But then again, their tax exempt status was probably a reason why the state was running out of money...

But we shouldn't be giving out money to these bozos. They wanna let California be a haven for the rich and famous, let THEM bail out the gov't.

Sheesh. This sh*t is getting out of hand...

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