Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are we done yet?

It's getting to the home stretch for this bullsh*t to be over with. Well, I, for one, will be glad when it will be over. Just getting sick of all this overhyped commercialism, materialism sh*t.

But I guess it's just the way it goes, I suppose. I never really care for the holidays after I grew up. After finding out about Santa Claus (SPOILERS: HE DOESN'T EXIST), it just lost it's magic.

And with the current trend of starting Xmas after HALLOWEEN, it's kinda of hard to get into the mood, you know?

Makes me glad I'm off Xmas eve and Xmas day.

But if you're into that bullsh*t, good for you...

But meh...I've harped enough with this subject.

Maybe the new year will be something new...

Thanks for reading...


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