Monday, December 22, 2008

The end of the Gamefaqs Era...

Mark this day. I have decided to close my account on Gamefaqs and walk away(not entirely true, I let some few choice words fly to some people who I found extremely annoying. Of course, I got modded for it, but at this point, who cares? I certainly didn't.

I really want to go full throttle and really burn through the Gamefaqs TOS (terms of service) and get myself banned. I already had one account banned for something I did over at GF's 'sister' site, Lamespot. (What happened was that I decided to f*ck around on Lamespot with my 'main' account, 'avideogameplayer' and ended up getting banned from both sites. Which to me was a crock of sh*t. But, meh. I did it and it was done and over with.)

Anyway, I was using a back up account called 'avidgameplayer' for awhile. Sure, it was just a cheap knock off of my main account, but hey...

But then, with the holidays coming around...I got to thinking about things. Like I was on the Gamefaqs site for over 7 years. 7 years. What the f*ck have I been doing with my time/life?

Granted, it was my choice. But it seemed like a drug to me...I seen or at least heard of goings on there, that, at the time, seemed cool and funny. But now seemed stupid or retarded.

Since we're on the subject of retards, I have seen Gamefaqs grew into a nice, online community then turn into a complete and utter cesspool of mental jackasses and power hungry fapmasters.

I tried to dodge any bullets, sort to speak, but it was just getting to me. Day in and day out. Same old sh*t.

Log in.
Post in some topic.
Read some annoying bullsh*t.
Try and remember that it's a internet message board.
Log out.

Wash, rinse, repeat...

It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for a few things...

- an influx of new users who basically has no brains to speak of.
- a TOS which basically has you posting bland, stupid sh*t so you won't get into trouble.
- a site Admin(who once dressed as a Sailor Scout for a comic convention) who is more worried about ad revenue than how he treats the people who frequent the site.
- a Moderation team that has no accountability to no one. (Rule #1: GF Mods are always right. Rule #2: See Rule #1.)
- a on-site hacker who has ADMITTED TO stealing hundreds, if not more, accounts and still allowed to post on the message boards. (For the record, this is not a damnation of the hacker himself but rather the asinine logic of the site and the Admin in general.) Come on, now, if GF was any other site, mr. hacker would've had his ISP called and possible charges brought up against him.
- lack of any 'modern' features that most message boards have(Private message system, quoting...)
- Invisible rules that no one knows about until you break them.

I could go on, but...

Anyway, I decided that enough was enough. I had my fill of message boards. Maybe later on, I might find some other ones to post on.

But as for Lamefaqs, I'm done. Finished, etc...

Which brings me back to here...I started this blog as a way to comment on all the things that happened on Lamefaqs, but, like me, it changed. Don't worry, I will keep on posting here on various stuff.

Thanks for reading!


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