Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Excuse the mess...

But the O.K.Z. area just got its first winter storm of the year. I'm not talking snow, either. (We got some of that, too.) I'm talking ICE.

Oh, yea. The whole area was one big ice patch. There were traffic accidents all up and down the highways. Walking in it wasn't fun either.

For once I'm glad that there is no sidewalks around. I ended up walking home from work on the grass because the any street or parking lot was slippery as hell.

I thought I was gonna bust my *ss on the sh*t. Literally. It was that BAD out.

But the good news is that my electricity stay on. (Usually when we get ice storms, the ice knocks out the lines and people are stuck without power for a few days. I was one of them last year. :-P)

The good news is that it's supposed to get up to the 40's tomorrow so hopefully most of this crap will be melt away.

A couple of side notes:

Excuse the mess of the blog, I'm trying to change the look of it. Trying to go for the 'high tech' look sort to speak. I have been looking at some templates to download, etc...so bear with me.

And a big shout out to all the Blogcatalog members who have been dropping by recently. Thanks for taking an interest and stopping by. Don't be afraid to post comments, I love reading them.

What else....? Hmmmm...I guess that's it for the moment....

Thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

hi ya. we got a couple inches of snow in my area. wish it was more. snow is soooo pretty. rain is ugly, ice is dangerous, but snow is pretty. anyhoo, i think eventually only the Walmarts R gonna be left standing. with this economy, seems like everybody's slowly but surely is going under. home depot, sears etc. Usually Walmarts have the lowest prices anyway; so if they're the only ones left standing, it should be okay. One stop shopping and all. Whatta u think?

avideogameplayer said...

If Walmart does end up being the only game in town, expect them to hike up the prices big time.

Without any competition, Walmart would be able to screw over the public and the employees.

But right now, I honestly don't think that's gonna happen right now...

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