Saturday, January 3, 2009

THIS is retarded...

Well, on my final days of Gamefaqs, I started to see the moderation staff (AKA the dumbf*ck mallrat cops) decided to ban one word responses or any type of responses that don't add anything to the topic at hand.

For example:

User 1: George Bush is a idiot
User 2: Agreed

User 1: I'd do Sarah Palin
User 2: This

User 1: I worked 8 hours today!
User 2: I worked 8 hours today! Me too!

Seems ok to your average person. After all, most people say that type of stuff in NORMAL conversations. Of course, in the last example, no one would really do a quote like that.

The 'official' reason is that it could cause a mass of chain posting, which of course, is against the rules.

But to me. it's just another way of those dumbf*cks (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) to swing their mighty e-genitals around and show the userbase who is in charge.

Makes me glad I left. Well, let's be honest about it. Before my account closed, I left some few choice words for a few people on a certain board that I hang on. And, of course, I got zapped for it. Fine, I didn't care.

But someone overrode my account closing and decided to put my account in 'Purg'd' which is sort of a limbo state. Afterwards, the account was back to normal forcing me to send ANOTHER FEEDBACK ticket to the site Admin(who right about now is looking like he's more worried about his paycheck than the site itself.).

To the Mod staff: What was the f*cking point of doing it? I was leaving ANYWAY. Or were you bozos waiting for me to REALLY rip into it and get myself banned? Or did youtube yank off your fave pr0n vid and couldn't get off some other way? Whatever the reason (abiet an 'official' one), you won't be seeing me posting there.

One last thing, this message is for everyone who contributed ANYTHING the site:


It's should be obvious by now that CDAllen is just a overpaid desk jockey who basically doesn't care for the site and is just there for the $$$$$$$.

There's PUH-LENTY of other GOOD videogame websites out there that would appreciate all your hard work. Lamefaqs isn't one of them.

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ViperInfidel/SourBlaze said...

That is so f*cking stupid. Jesus H. Mother Christ...

ViperInfidel/SourBlaze said...

Also, avid, true, your player is more slick-looking than mine. But I still like mine better.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Blogger Man, I love it when u get all fired up and hot. When your passion just oozes out onto my otherwise dead screen here. Listening to your innane, yet entertaining rants just gives me so much......pleasure. I say keep it up hotstuff; let us (me) have it.......yum. and let's not forget, MEOW!!

avideogameplayer said...

And the comments keep on coming...O_o

Thank for reading...

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