Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's stop this foolishness now...

Well, while surfing the 'Net the other day, I saw this interesting topic on a unnamed message board (no, not Lamefaqs. I won't mention the name since the SySOp is a jackass and treats his userbase a helluva lot worse than any Lamefaqs mod ever did.), basically it said that all blacks should stop this entitlement attitude since Borock Yourmama became prez. Mainly because Yourmama proved that anyone, who put their minds to do it, can accomplish anything. You shouldn't use excuses and blame other people for your problems.

Which I can agree with.

And also this topic said that there shouldn't be anymore double standards anymore in regards to race.

Which I also agree with.

Basically what it boils down to is this:

This is the 21st century. Stop blaming other people for your f*cking problems. And start taking responsibility for your own actions.

Stop using the same, old 'slavery' bit. It's starting to get old.

Nowadays, it's about who you are NOW, not what happened in the past.

Wouldn't you agree?

Thanks for reading.


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