Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Money, money, money...

With the economy being what it is, everyone is struggling to make ends meet nowadays. That includes Uncle Sam. But there is one group who isn't feeling the crunch...

Oh, yea, you guys know who I'm going rag on...if you can't tell already...

But wait, I heard that they're gonna donate all their money to the poor and the homeless. No, that isn't right, they turn people into poor and homeless.

They're gonna donate food to starving people. No no no. Most of these guys live off of buckwheat water and apples seeds.

I got it, they're gonna build a HUGE playground for the little kiddies. Yea, and they will finish it off by building a 20 feet brick wall around it with razor wire on top so the kids won't escape. Brilliant! And for extra measure, they'll just call the cops to arrest and harass your ass everytime you come within 20 feet of the area.

But seriously, all sarcasm aside, these sciencebozos had enough of a free ride, so it's about time to write to the prez, IRS, etc. and tell them to stop letting the CULT known as Sciencetology off the hook and hold them responsible for all the things they have done over the years.


The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500


A list of all Federal Agencies.



Or better still:

Let's stop this bullsh*t once and for all...

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Anonymous said...

i'm still gonna check your blog; mainly because i wanna hear what u have 2 say about things. and on those occasions when i just miss u. plus old habits die hard, and that. so i will pop in from time to time. it's a free country they say. rite?

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