Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Are people getting THIS desperate?


It seems like a couple walked into a Walmart to buy some stuff.

Security footage from the Belle Isle Walmart shows a man and woman entering the store and the events that happened as they attempted to leave.

Knight said the unknown man and woman entered the store shortly before noon on March 23, opened a double toothbrush pack and removed one toothbrush.

The guard tried to stop the couple and the man pulled out a gun, told the guard to 'get back' and ran out the store.


For starters, why would you just steal just ONE toothbrush? Sheesh! Crooks these days have no sense of scale.

What about stealing CASH?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning this type of action, but f*ck, man, if you're gonna be on the wrong side of the law, at LEAST make off with something more than a GODDAMN toothbrush.

F*cking morons.

'Hey, Bubba, what are you in for?'

'I robbed and torched three stores. You?'

'I stole a 97 cent toothbrush from Walmart'


And for the guard: Is your life worth taking a bullet for a toothbrush. Sometimes it's not worth the bullsh*t.

Thankfully, there was no injuries and stuff.

But stories like this make me stratch my head...

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Anonymous said...

wat a world, wat a world...funny in a way. i guess. pathetic more like. sometimes in life, u just really need a toothbrush. by any means necessary. brush-a brush-a brush-a. In alotta cities today, the guy would'va fired the gun. just to do it. so thankfully, it was on a pretty minor scale. keep it real.....

ViperInfidel/SourBlaze said...

Wal Mart probably expected the guard to throw his ass on the line for that toothbrush. And for $5.15 per hour, too...

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