Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enjoying myself.

This is gonna be a short update. Sorry. But I decided to have a fun day today since I got paid. (Don't worry, my bills are paid. Lol.)

Well, I saw a movie (more than meets the eye.). Having lunch now. (Meatball sub).

After lunch, I'm probably gonna raid the local pub for a few (dozen. Lol. J/k)

But I'm ok.

Thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

u go boi.....u deserve to do whatever u want to. just try to remember to live and eat healthy as much as possible. michael jackson died from mistreatin his body with too many perscription drugs. anyhoo: point is there's only 1 you, and be good n healthy with yourself. watch that sun too ol' white one.(like me)that higher elevation don't play.

avideogameplayer said...

Well, thank you. And having fun once in awhile won't kill you.

Michael Jackson was a odd one to begin with, so it doesn't surprise me one bit. And did you know that Lisa Marie was a...wait for it...SCIENTOLOGIST! Which would explain why she married him.

Those Sciencbozos are latch on to the celebs to legitimize their existence. (see CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL.)

Thanks for reading.

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