Friday, July 17, 2009

The Legend of C.J.

[Note: All characters are fictitious and any resemblance between them and real people is strictly a coincidence. All characters, etc., within are copyrighted 2008-2009 Original Concepts. All rights reserved.)

Chapter 1, Part 1:

Of Mice and Corvettes.

Downtown Reno, a place where there's a bustle of activities. Regular people and tourists enjoying the sights and sounds of the various places like nightclubs and casinos...

The evening's festivities were interrupted by a three way high speed chase through the streets.

Ahead of the pack, was a semi-beat up 1970's Ford car. Followed by a 2010 Chevrolet Corvette and several Reno police cars with their lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Inside the Corvette, a man dressed in an all black leather outfit and wearing a black helmet pressed a button on the dashboard.

'You didn't tell me that the casino security automatically calls the cops if they get robbed.' the figure said.

A voice crackled through the speaker.

'I thought I did. But I didn't think they would respond so soon. Cut me some slack here, C.J.' the voice said.

'Well, is the GPS system online yet?' the man called C.J. asked.

'A couple of seconds...but be careful, the vids from the casino show those guys got some serious hardware.' the voice said back.

'Don't worry. I got it covered.' C.J. said as he pressed another button on the dashboard.

A screen on the dashboard lit up and showed a map of the nearby area. C.J. looked at it intently for a way to cut the chase short.

'Hmmm...they headed look like they're headed up to Virginia...maybe if I...' thought C.J. said as he pressed another button on the dashboard.

The front grill of the Corvette opened up and two tubes emerged from it.

'TAG! C.J. thought to himself as he pressed another button.

Two cords with grappling hooks shot of the tubes and got attached to the Ford's trunk.

C.J. went into reverse and started a tug of war with the Ford. The police drove right past C.J.

The Ford was trying to speed away but was unsuccessful as its tires were spinning. The cops sandwiched the Ford between them.

'STEP OUT OF THE CAR WITH YOUR HANDS UP!' the police said to the Ford as C.J. was still holding them.

The Ford stopped and its occupants jumped out firing automatic weapons at the police. The police hid behind the cars and fired back.

C.J. stopped the Corvette.

'All this violence. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk...' C.J. thought as he pressed yet another button on his dashboard.

A powerful, high powerful electrical charge came through the two cords and shot through the Ford and the robbers firing the guns. The robbers violently shook and fell to the ground.

'Gee, what a shock. Now to reel my hooks in....'

The hooks ripped off the Ford and got went back into the tubes.

The police were hovering over the robbers with guns drawn and calling for ambulances.

One officer ran up to C.J.'s Corvette with his gun drawn.

'ALL RIGHT, C.J.! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!' the officer said.

'Sorry. Not tonight...' C.J. thought as he turned the steering wheel and hit the gas pedal.

The Corvette spun around quickly and drove away with a big cloud of smoke...

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Anonymous said...

has decent potential; but try not to fall into the too familiar. the cliche, as it were. a solid beginning though. have u been taking those creative writing courses again? just remember 2 think outside the box if u can....

avideogameplayer said...

Thanks. I try.

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