Friday, August 21, 2009

Closed for the moment.

Well, I don't know if you heard the news lately, but it seems that some model sued a blogger for libel (or was defamation?) just because he called her a name. I won't mention the model's name or any details because I don't want her to come after me next.

But from what I understand, Google (the company that hosted said blog) basically rolled over and gave out the blogger's info to the model's lawyer without a fight.

While I won't comment on the legal ramifications of this issue, I just think that it's just ridiculous that Google would just throw someone under the bus because of some public figure got butthurt over some name calling.

So I have decided to find a another host for my blog and stop using blogspot for this blog.

I'm sorry, but to me, it's the principal of it.

I will still be blogging at, but for now, this blog is closed.

Thanks to everyone who read it and supported my efforts.

Later! (Hopefully it will at my new host).

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here is some more...

(Note: All characters are fictional, etc., etc.,)

The Legend of C.J.

Chapter 1, Part 2:

Of Mice and Corvettes.

C.J.'s Corvette sped down Virginia Avenue while being chased by three of Reno's finest. Inside the car, C.J. was arguing with a voice coming from a speaker on the dashboard.

"DAMMIT! I thought you had a escape route planned out for me." C.J. yelled as he was trying to dodge traffic and the cops.

"Excuse me! It's not my fault that the cops decided to chase you after you stopped that robber. Give me a few minutes..." the voice said through a speaker.

C.J.'s Corvette continued to sped down Virginia ave. The GPS beeped loudly. C.J. turned his head to look.

"Sh*t! Of all the times for the Reno traffic department to tear up the streets..." C.J. thought to himself.

C.J. pressed a few buttons on the GPS. The GPS displayed a overview of the area with several alternate roads to go.

"Which way to go?"

The routes were basically left, right and straight ahead to through the construction crew.

'Damned if I do...' C.J. thought to himself as he pressed a button on the dashboard.

"Please tell me that the nitro has been installed, man..."

"Uh...yea, but it hasn't't tell me..." the voice over the speaker said.

"It's either that or the cops..." C.J. as he pressed a button on the steering wheel.

Two huge flames blasted out of the Corvette's tail pipe and the Corvette seemed to blast forward at a incredibly amount of speed.

'Now I know how Jay felt first time in the LTD...' C.J. thought as he was pushed back in the seat.

The Corvette continued to speed forward towards the construction site. It launched itself using a piece of old road. The Corvette seemed to fly over the site and over to the other side. The Corvette landed with a big thud and its tires blew out.

'Shit...gotta work on my landings...' C.J. thought to himself as he continue to hit the gas.

The Corvette continued to run albeit kinda of shaky, but C.J. was away from the cops.

'Now let's headed back to the garage and see if Joe can fix this. He's gonna be pissed...' C.J. sad as he drove towards what looked like an empty garage...

To be Continued...

(Told ya I was working on it...)

Thanks for reading.


Friday, August 7, 2009

I have been really annoyed lately...

Well, mainly because I haven't really got any good ideas lately to write about. I know, I went through this before. C.J. is being worked on. (The post is actually saved as a draft at the moment.) I got some good ideas for my other blog ( But nothing for this one.

This really sucks! But on the other hand, there's this thing called 'Hot August Nights' which is some sort of car thing going on. I managed to grab a few snaps. So here they are...

Car Show 1

Car Show 2

Car Show 3

Car Show 4

Sorry if they're not exactly super good. But a camera phone can only do so much...

Well, off I go to find inspiration...

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm working on it...

Well, I'm trying to work on the next part of C.J. but it's kinda of tricky than I thought. So you'll have to forgive if me this week's post is utter garbage.

But everything is all right on this end. No complaints or anything like that. Just trying to get thru this heat wave that's going on. It's been in the 90s to 100s for the past few weeks. And believe me, it's not exactly fun.

But anyway, I'm all right. Same sh*t, different day. But I supposed it could be worse. I could be in Boise, Idaho...XD.

All right, thanks for listening!


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