Friday, September 18, 2009

*launches a nuke*

Hello all. Welcome back. Glad to see you.

I'm still alive and kicking. I decided to cash in a 'Too lazy to write a blog entry' chip.

Here's some funny clips from Lewis Black (WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE)


Thanks for watching...


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Anonymous said...

that second vid. was good. funnier than the 1st. when he implied canada's better/ greater than america; even tho america constantly says it is the 'best,' that was true and funny. canada gives away healthcareto it's people. not the u.s. not yet anyway. obama's trying to help the 30 to 47 million uninsured, to at least get some options. bless him 4that. long overdue. Greatest country in the world, my ass. only for the rich maybe. their wealth and ridiculous spending goes unchecked; without caps/limits of any kind. and of course they r the biggest fans of good ol' america. benefits them u see. well what about the fuckin' rest of us? we're humans too? cuz we may be poorer, we do not matter? and if affordable healthcare for all working, legal citizens isn't a right, it damn well should be.

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