Friday, October 23, 2009

And some more...

(Note: All characters are fictional, etc., etc.,)

The Legend of C.J.

Chapter 1, Part 3:

Of Mice and Corvettes.

C.J.'s Corvette drove into the seemingly empty garage. The garage looked normal. C.J. honked the horn and a figure walked out from the back. The figure was about 5' 8", had red hair and a normal face. HE looked at the Corvette and the FOUR flats tires.

'JEEZUS F*CKING CHRIST! I thought I told you that the nitro was supposed to be for chases, not for reliving some Knight Rider fantasy.' the figure said.

C.J. got out of the Corvette.

'Excuse me, it was either that or being locked up by the cops, Joe.' C.J. said as he removed his helmet.

C.J. had brownish hair and brown hair. He stood about 6 foot.

'At least the cops wouldn't have f*cked up the Vette, Zach...' Joe said.

Zachery James Duggan, the son of James Duggan, the CEO of Duggan Industries. Duggan Industries is currently a group of hi-tech companies who specialize in mainly military applications.

'Would you like some cheese to go with that WHINE?' Zach asked Joe.

Joseph Peter Ruben, part time mechanic and intern for Zach's dad's company.

'Well, how the hell do we explain that we need four new tires because YOU blew them up? And also, daddy has been looking for you, it seems that the boys down in the R & D department had some of their 'toys' go missing...'

'Like you don't know about that, huh?' Zach said.

'Well, call dad up asap or he's gonna be more pissed than he usually is...' Joe said.

'Well, I gotta get some sleep first...I'm gonna crash in the back, ok?'

'Whatever...' said Joe as he looked over the Vette.

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Anonymous said...

"c.j. had brownish hair and brown hair" ur words there, not mine. think u meant brown eyes. oh how we all missed the captivating c.j. super that he's u know if sharon stone is a scientologist? some1 said she was; but i disagreed. anyhoo: have to go off n do my mormom studies now, y'all. may the force be with u all. it is so deemed.

Anonymous said...

y u no post every response i write 2 u on here? i'm ur biggest/ most responsive fan. yo. don't c all that many others bangin on this blog's door.....a little appreciation 4 stopping/ writing by please. queen poopiedupes honkeytonk, out.....did i mention i'm drinking rite now???????????????????????????????

avideogameplayer said...

I have been busy. Some of us do work full time.

And maybe you should stop getting on the net while drunk...

Anonymous said...

nah.....u still alive n kickin'/ hanging n bangin' to day? lay off those buffets a bit; i can c ur gut from here. joke of the day: y is a man's truck better than his wife? ur truck doesn't bitch u out everytime u fart/ pass gas. when i heard it, it was funnier sounding.....????? well off to my coven now. bye bye bye.

Thunder Luigi said...

I smell sci-fi elements somewhere. Either that or my nose is broken.

avideogameplayer said...

That sounds like one of those jokes that sound funnier when you're drunk...

avideogameplayer said...

@ Luigi:

Your nose is broken, Thanks for stopping by...

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