Friday, October 2, 2009

It sure gets cold out here, real quick...

Welcome back, folks.

Well, when I was checking out Reno, I was thinking 'Hey, it's sounds like it stays warm all year round.'

Well, the past few days have pawned my ass. It went from 70 to 34 in a few hours. A big shock for someone who wasn't prepared for it.

Now I'm on a quest to try and pick up some winter gear. I picked some things up. Hopefully, I can amass some decent winter gear.

But from what I heard, my old stomping ground in Philly is even worse off than here.

Well, stay warm.

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Anonymous said...

not so. it's like 68 degrees in your old area. not cold yet at all. i think it's only 35 degrees there at nite right? not during the daytime. anyhoo: it is octubre afterall. wat ever happened to cj? wen is he makin' it back around? and don't get the much hype h1n1 vaccine people. strong chance there's MERCURY in it. n mercury doesn't belong in anyone's body...well 6 in 1, half dozen of the other. yea that's wat i mean. off to be a good mormon now. later.

avideogameplayer said...

C.J. died while eating eggs. lol. j/k. He will back around...

Thunder Luigi said...

Wisconsin started getting cold already near the end of September and last week we were in the middle of really crazy winds.

avideogameplayer said...


Blast from the posting past