Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I left my heart in...

Oklahoma...AW HELL NAW!

I made the big move and I'm here in my new home. I'm not saying where right now, but there was clues through out my blog. Just read some of my past entries and you'll figure it out.

Anyway, I'm starting to get used to area and seeing what's out there, etc. And so far, I like it. There's a park nearby, a movie theater, all sorts of little quirky little places. Granted, I have only been here for a couple of days, but I think I can get used to it.

This place has a decent transit system, which to me, is a BIG step up from the joke that was the GOMETRO thing they had going in Oklahoma.

And SIDEWALKS! Honestly, until you been to a place that doesn't have any, you don't realize how much easier it is to travel with them.

Anyway the bus trip was like 2 days long. How exciting. Never mind trying to use the bathrooms on those buses. GOOD GOD! Very funky and nasty. I recommend a hazmat suit and a couple tubs of sanitizer afterwards if you had to use them. Me, I just kept my food and liquid intake to a minimum and used the bathrooms at every rest stop we had.

Never mind trying to sleep. I had like, maybe, 4 hours of sleep out of those 48 I did on the bus. It's not that the seats werern't comfy, it's just you could only take them so far back, and never mind if you had someone behind you running their mouth off.

But anyway, I'm here and trying to get settled in.

I'm still alive and kicking. So I'll will keep you folks posted.

Thanks for reading.


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