Thursday, June 18, 2009

I think I made the right decision...

Howdy folks,

It's your favorite blogger(yea, right...XD), with another miscellaneous post. (Check out my wordpress blog for my serious side.)

Well, after being here for a couple of weeks, I think I made the right decision in getting out of the OKZ. Definitely.

When I was planning all this out, I had some people asking me: 'Why move out? You got it so GOOOOOOD there. You got a apartment, a good job, etc.' Well, to begin with, I didn't EVEN want to go there to begin with. (Note to self: Run away from any female who wants to move out halfway across the country because she wants to get out of the city.).

But I digress, I'm seeing that's there is more to do here and easier way to get around. In OKZ, the issue was 'there's nothing to do.', now it's 'what do I want to do first?'

I'm just chilling right now at the local coffee house. (Free WiFi FTW!) (But I can't lookie at the pr0n sites. Dammit! :( )

Well, that's all I got for now, I got other things to check out.

Thanks for reading!


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