Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday everyone...

Or at least the ones smart enough to stay home today and watch television. It appalls me to see such a nice holiday turned into ONE BIG commercialized clusterf*ck.

I swear, isn't there ENOUGH greed around nowadays? I'm sure you heard about what happened to those people in New York last year. That is sad. Is it worth killing someone for a cheap TV?

F*ck that. I rather just stay home and flip through all those boring football games.

MY B-day was good. Got a couple of free drinks and a offer of a blowjob from a lesbian barmaid (Even though I think she was f*cking with me). XD

And on the C.J. front, I'm trying to work on the 'bad guy' backstory. So please be patient.

Hope everyone is safe and in one piece today.

Thanks for reading.


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