Friday, January 22, 2010


Hey all,

Did you ever have one of those times where you heart wasn't in anything anymore? Lately, I have been feeling like this blog is just a job to me. I haven't been able to think of anything worth writing about.

It's a shame. I usually come up with some good stuff. And I haven't filmed any vids worth posting.

It's so frustrating!


Thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...

don't leave us dude. some of us actually look 4ward 2 hearing ur idle chat n observations. yea that's wat i mean. there's lots n lots 2 put up as a subject n comment on. loads going on in this crazy country n such. i mean once a week is really not that much of a creative demand, if u know wat i mean. so there's my 2 cents worth. keep the faith son.

Anonymous said...

hey cumquat....there's loads to comment on mate. so much smeg smak going on in this soulless, empty country....that's just the ol tip of the iceberg too. there's philasophical topics to touch on, world views n goingons....nobody likes a cop out, as it were. i'm british today, mate. in case u haven't piked up on it yet. o if only that were true. i looked into immigrating to ireland, england,canada, australia too. they only want u if ur a working 'professional.' or a tradesman. or a nurse etc. that type of thing. which those of us in retail r not. so i seem to be stuck here in this shitty land of individual greed n selfishness. i swear americans r their own worst enemy sometimes....i'm referring to the likely death of the whole healthcare progress/ reform thing, and that Brown guy in Massachusetts beating out the democrat lady. that dead kennedy guy has to be rolling over in his grave. i would be. shameful, soulless land of the lost. land of the sick, selfish and confused. put people before profit i say, other countries do it. we r too damn worried about the rich. the wealthy here. must protect n defend the corporations....the healthcare companies. screw the have nots. we gotta look out for the have's. there's 2 america's now u know. and i don't wanna be apart of either one anymore. how's that 4 a topic?

Angel Juliet said...

You're better than me.

My New Years resolution blog. xD

avideogameplayer said...

@Anon: Some of us do have other stuff to do @ times...

@Angel: It's ok. I know you have other things going on...*hugs you*

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