Friday, April 9, 2010

Whatever happened to people having a sense of humor?

Hello there,

Is it me or has everyone around lost their sense of humor? It seems that you can't EVEN tell a joke without someone being offended.

I'm kinda of sick of it. There's nothing wrong at laughing at a funny joke.

When the U.S. become a bunch of p*ssies?

'Oh, you can't say this'

'You can't do that'

'People can be offended.'

Well, f*ck them if they can't take a joke...

Here's some Dave Chapelle:

And a blast from the past:

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Anonymous said...

some stuff is not funny, just sick. not everything is a joke. a joke is a joke. a gross or bizarre or sick comment/ remark is not the same thing as a joke. it's just a fuked up comment. see the difference? and watever u put out there, expect a reaction/ response. be it gud or bad. don't wanna deal with the response, don't say the remark in the 1st place.

avideogameplayer said...

Humor is in the eye of the beholder. What's that saying: 'Another man's trash...'?

Anonymous said...

andrew dice clay is such an old, tired, lameass hack. he confuses HATRED 4 EVERYTHING with trying 2 be funny. humor and hatred r two different things. he sounds like wat eminem would sound like trying 2 be a 'comic.' if his sick hatred is genuine and not a stage act, then he and eminem (n others like em) should just find the closest tall big building, climb 2 the very top, n jump off all together. put themselves all outta their shared, silly misery. we need less miserable, hateful people on this overcrowded planet. they won't be missed. and a bit more space 4 the rest of us.

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