Friday, February 26, 2010

What is 4chan and what makes it unique?

Hello all.

I'm gonna leave this here: (nswf parody)

That way I don't have to go through a tl;dr spiel.

Up to the past few years, 4chan hasn't been a blip on anyone's radar. It might've have been dismissed as just a another 'sicko' website. But things have started to change that brought it to the forefront/mainstream or pop culture.

But to some of the users of 4chan, this isn't a good sign. For years, they have hidden in the shadows and have their fun. Whether posting shock images or raiding websites, etc.

2008-Present, people have been paying attention and the 4chan users don't like it. Ironically, they have no one to blame but themselves. Their reputation as the 'Internet Hate Machine' is replaced with 'pranksters'.

Granted, 4chan can be a force to be reckoned under the right circumstances, but as of late, they're more worried about some question on Jeo/b/ardy than actually doing anything worthwhile.

Which is a shame, since the world need right now is more of the 'hive mind' than the 'lemming mind'.

Never forgive
Never forget
Expect them.

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