Friday, May 21, 2010

If you want privacy, the internet is not the place to be...

Hello all,

A few weeks ago, I had a interesting conversation with a 'friend' about my comment section on this blog. This 'friend' posted a comment to me about a post and someone else jumped in on the conversation.

My 'friend' was kinda of annoyed that this happened. I tried to explain to (for the sake of this post, let's call my 'friend', 'Lu-Lu') Lu-Lu that when you got any type of open forum (like this one, for instance), you can't stop anyone from jumping in and putting their two cents in. Even though you were addressing me to begin with, you got no right to say 'This is between A and B, C your way out.'

If you really wanted to talk to ME, there's other ways of doing it, like email, phone, etc...

I leave the comment section open for ANYONE and I do moderate it. (Even though I rarely get any comments worth zapping...)

So next time, you post something a comment on a public forum, don't be surprised that if someone else joins in the chat...

Thanks for reading.


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