Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Warning: Lack of updates ahead....

Hello all,

This past week, your truly ran into a nasty piece of ice and is currently sidelined from any type of physical activities. So my blog might be a little lacking in some respects (like this blog was exciting to begin with...)

But I got major paperwork to fill out. So I might be here for a while...sorry...

Have a good one.



Anonymous said...

well dear 'your's truly'--those that know u in any degree know that u r one self sufficient, strong,resilient, intelligent person who has the ability to roll with it n adapt when need be. so follow thru and cover ur ass by doing the paperwork n making the necessary calls; and get all the help/assistance u can. blessings and stength n positive energy n love support is what i send u. all this will pass; just make it thru for now. 1 day at a time. peace.

avideogameplayer said...

Thanks for the encouragement...;)

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