Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hello all, In case you have been living under a rock for the past month, you heard about the #occupy protests being held around the country. I'll try and spare you all the details of the events leading up to it or the nice treatment delivered by the police (/sarcasm). But I feel the protesters need to head to Washington D.C. and #occupywhitehouse. Because it's not so much the big financial sector is to blame as it those bozos in Congress... They're the ones who vote on things. They're the ones who decided where the money goes... So maybe a trip should be planned... But then again...what do I know? I'm just a solo blog writer... Thanks for reading... Later!

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Anonymous said...

it's capitol hill/washington dc that has to be 'descended upon.'congress yes.But they r apart of the filthy rich top 1 or y do ppl think they r gonna work 4/look out 4 us little guy 'commoners' when they r not like us or among us,in any way shape or form?congress senators r bought n sold-to the highest bidder.a different kinda whore. that's our capitalist system tho:pimps n hoes.masters and the slaves.the have's n the have nots. etc.But yea,congress is the sellout problem that allows 4 all this dirty wall st. shit...all the top rich stick together.keep waving that flag brainwashed patriotic zombies.fall in line,or get pepper sprayed into submission.i say just cuz i was born into this country,doesn't mean i gotta be in love with it.not my choice to be here.

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